Earnings and you may Well being: Do the fresh new Passion for Currency Make a difference?

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Earnings and you may Well being: Do the fresh new Passion for Currency Make a difference?

That it paper examines a type of income and total well being you to controls new love of money, occupations pleasure, gender, and marital status and food employment position (full-day in place of region-time), earnings height, and you can sex because the moderators. For the entire shot, money wasn’t significantly related to total well being when this road is checked out alone. When every details was basically managed, money is actually adversely pertaining to standard of living. When (1) the latest passion for money was negatively coordinated in order to business satisfaction and (2) jobs satisfaction are seriously pertaining to both income and you will quality of lives, money was negatively associated with total well being having complete-time, high-income, and male staff. Whenever those two requirements didn’t exist, income wasn’t linked to total well being for area-day, median- or lower-income, and you may people professionals. That it model brings the fresh new information regarding your impact of your own love of money and you will occupations satisfaction towards earnings–standard of living matchmaking.


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