I Tried These App-Controlled Sex Toys & They’re Perfect for Long-Distance Partners or Solo Play

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I Tried These App-Controlled Sex Toys & They’re Perfect for Long-Distance Partners or Solo Play

Katherine Speller

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No matter your tastes, there are many, many uses for remote-controlled sex toys – from hands-free solo play or partnered activities (up close or long distance). While there are tons of smart as heck toys on the p up your masturbation or bedroom routines, the versatility of toys that you can control via app feel particularly fun and futuristic (provided you don’t mind yourself or your partner being sorta-on-the-phone during sex).

The folks at Satisfyer sent me a few of their app-friendly toys recently and a partner and I decided to try a few out (for science). On top of some extensive solo research, I’m here to give you a run-down of a few of their app-controlled sex toys that you might want to pick up ASAP.

Before we get to the toys, here’s a bit about the app: All of these toys connect via bluetooth to Satisyer Connect, a super user-friendly sexual wellness app that offers a variety of different functions to pair up with your toy: From a regular control option (super simple to use with a pink line for the vibration and a blue line for the suction) that you or your partner can live control or program to create your own unique session (that you can save and revisit later) to several pre-programmed functions ranging from tease-y and subtle to more intense to a setting that syncs up with your music (seriously!) or a setting to hop on a virtual video or audio call with your partner to hand control over to them. They also have a new series of Remotyca (remote controlled erotica) available that buzz along with the story you’re listening to.

A farther-away partner and I took the latter for a spin and found it fairly easy to get connected (you just have to know one another’s usernames, but your privacy and security is totally a priority) and from there it was a fairly fun phone/video call once we decided who got to be in charge – the connection stayed strong and the added physical interaction (even without them being physically here) was a super fun way to make the distance not feel so distanced. Highly recommend!

Curvy 2+

Also available in a Curvy 3+ generation, Curvy 2+ was easily my favorite of the three I tried out. It’s a pressure wave toy that also has a vibrating function – offering stimulation that ranges from buzzy and sweet to OMG WTF-intense. You can use it sans app or hook it up for yourself or your partner. The shape (a little larger than you’d expect) and location of the clitoral stimulator (right on top) isn’t the most ideal of the suction toys I’ve tried, but once you find a placement that works for you it really, really works and stays super quiet all the way through.

Pro-tip: The suction turned up higher and the vibration slightly lower is a wild sensation but the highest high is very high, so you and your partner are going to want to troubleshoot and communicate what feels good vs too much as you go.

Mono Flex

So penetrative rabbit vibes aren’t always my jam, personally, but Mono Flex is a G-spot and clitoral vibe is a solid contender for folks that really love that dual stimulation. Water proof and app-enabled, it offers two motors and two control tracks to control both the clitoral stimulator and G-spot stimulation.

Pro-Tip: It is a bit of a sturdier vibe, so I recommend getting a toy-friendly lube that you love (I like her , BTW) for this one to ensure a comfortable ride from start to finish (no matter how many y’all go for).

Love Triangle

Last but not least, Love Triangle was the smallest and by far most discreet of the various Satisfyer toys I tried out. Whisper quiet, it’s another air pulsing, pressure wave toy that stimulates your clitoris (or nipples, follow your heart!) along with a subtle vibration function. It’s again not necessarily the tiniest and most intuitive to place for hands-free play but is easily the MVP for travel – coming with a sweet little cap to store it cleanly and quietly on-the-go. While I would definitely opt for the Curvy 2+ as my number one draft pick, this one is gentle and the least aggressively vibrator-y looking vibrator I’ve ever owned.

Pro-tip: I’d stand by this toy’s suction power any day but if you’re looking for a more discreet (play responsibly, kids!) or traditionally wearable option, Satisfyer’s Little Secret also exists.