Letter.D; whose mission were to destroy Zeref

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Letter.D; whose mission were to destroy Zeref

Natsu’s Records [ ]

400 years ago, Natsu came to be due to the fact more youthful cousin out-of Zeref, not, he died on a young age close to their mothers, due to a beneficial Dragon attack. So it triggered Zeref to analyze Wonders and its reference to lifetime and death and, far after, that have Zeref using their lifeless system, he had been revived because strongest Devil: Age. Due to the fact Elizabeth.N.D., Natsu is actually a demon concentrating on fire, and you will supposedly discover a unique station you to Magic might take when it actually was still development and therefore written Curses. During this period the guy also met Igneel, nevertheless the Dragon picked not to kill him since the guy treasured your really very.

From that point on, Igneel, the newest mighty Flames Dragon King, trained Natsu ideas on how to talk, generate, and carry out their own signature sort of Missing Miracle: Flames Dragon Slayer Magic; Igneel fundamentally picked, such as for instance five most other Dragons of times, to help you seal his damaged spirit into the Natsu’s body and you will leap five hundred years into the future, recover his stamina into future’s high Ethernano levels and you will kill Acnologia. Whenever you are initially thought to was in fact abandoned because of the Igneel into July 7, X777, Igneel, July eight, X777 is the afternoon and year the guy awoke later, for instance the most other four Dragon Slayers; however, when Natsu woke, the guy thought that Igneel got given up him, unsure he got alternatively signed up to live inside their muscles for many years ahead. The newest departure out of Elizabeth.N.D. regarding the prior plus offered go up to numerous tales regarding strongest Devil away from Zeref’s https://datingranking.net/fr/rencontres-au-choix-des-femmes/ work, as well as his production and you will leading off Tartaros (while in facts, Mard Geer happened up on Age.N.D.is why tome and used it to produce unify additional Etherious not as much as an individual result in and you can try the one who authored Tartaros), while the simple fact that he was one particular vile manufacturing for the Zeref’s library regarding functions.

Immediately following awakening, Natsu left into the a search locate Igneel and you can was sooner or later discover from the Guild Grasp off Fairy Tail: Makarov Dreyar. Natsu wound up signing up for Fairy Tail, and he designed a virtually, sibling-such rivalry having Gray Fullbuster and you will Erza Bright red. He had been plus proven to be on the good words which have Lisanna Strauss and you will Elfman Strauss soon when they came into the fresh guild.

History [ ]

One-day, Natsu receive a keen egg on the tree east regarding Magnolia.Thought it to be a good Dragon Egg, Natsu took they towards the guild and you will expected Makarov and then make it hatch, however, Makarov and you will Erza advised him he is truly the only one that could make the newest egg hatch; as a result of love and care. Lisanna accessible to help Natsu look after the eggs until it hatched, that Natsu gladly recognized. Both founded a shabby straw domestic regarding the park so you can support the egg loving, is most close in the procedure.

Next early morning, Natsu found that the brand new egg was shed, and started initially to blame the their guildmates. Just after arguing with just about everyone on the Guild and you can nearly undertaking a battle with Mirajane, Elfman appeared, holding the fresh new eggs, discussing that he simply planned to assist, but are too embarrassed to inquire about. Out of the blue, the latest eggs hatched and a bluish pet with wings made an appearance. Lisanna remarked through to the brand new abrupt improvement in this new guild’s ambiance immediately following new cat’s birth, compelling Natsu to mention the new cat Happy.

Many years passed and you will Lisanna partook abreast of a keen S-Class job together with her sisters, in which she is actually supposed to have a look an animal named “The fresh Monster”. Natsu wanted to match him, but Elfman opposed, when he experienced the guy should be the one remember away from his household members. Lisanna is actually occur to murdered (supposedly) by Elfman through the his test in the overtaking the monster. In the event Natsu forgave your, he was considerably saddened because of the event.