Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma Evolved Regarding Pyogenic Granuloma

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Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma Evolved Regarding Pyogenic Granuloma

Cite this post because: Godinho G V, Silva C An effective, Noronha B R, et al. () Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma Progressed Off Pyogenic Granuloma. Cureus fourteen(1): e20904. doi:/cureus.20904


The goal of the current article is always to expose the latest clinical matter of a giant peripheral ossifying fibroma that developed of a in past times diagnosed pyogenic granuloma within the a great fifty-year-old girl. The average person is known for treatment of a beneficial lesion over the buccal and you will palatal gingiva close to the leftover top first molar. It actually was purplish-red-colored inside color, as much as step 3 cm inside diameter, having a mellow skin, a great pedicled and hemorrhaging ft, having 7 numerous years of advancement, and identified just like the pyogenic granuloma. Shortly after three-years out-of evasion, the patient returned reporting a boost in the new lesion and difficulties for the eating. Medically the latest nodule is lobular in appearance, red in the color and you can smooth, pediculated, agency during the surface, non-hemorrhaging, from the 5 cm with its best expansion, extending towards maxillary tuberosity. The latest lesion is actually excised and you will known having histopathological test, and this contributed to the new prognosis out-of peripheral ossifying fibroma. The individual is actually observed for approximately eighteen months, prosthetically rehabilitated, with satisfactory recuperation and no health-related signs and symptoms of recurrence.

The new you’ll development out-of good pyogenic granuloma so you’re able to an excellent peripheral ossifying fibroma are seen in this situation, based on the histopathological change you to taken place, on the growth of calcified material, fibrous maturation, and reduced vascular stuff of first lesion just after three-years.


Pyogenic granuloma (PG) ‘s the second common activated lesion of your own oral cavity, immediately following inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia, the most prevalent reactive lesion. PG gift ideas a proper-circumscribed and you can distinctive line of lobular plan, having highest central boats and you may better-molded peripheral capillary aggregates. Whenever unattended, that it lesion can go through stringy maturation with ossification and create towards peripheral ossifying fibroma .

Peripheral ossifying fibroma (POF) was a harmless mesenchymal lesion, prevalent regarding the prior maxillary gingiva of women amongst the 2nd and you can third ages out-of lifetime. It’s felt a great metaplastic procedure that involves the periodontal ligament in response so you’re able to trauma or local toxins, such as for example biofilm, calculus, defectively adjusted prostheses, and you will unsatisfying restorations [2,3]. The new evolution out-of PG so you can POF try explained using their logical and you will histopathological similarities; however, it is vital to keep in mind that not all the POF evolves of an effective PG. This new mineralized parts designed may vary among cementum, bones, and you may dystrophic calcification .

Which report gift ideas the scenario regarding a big peripheral ossifying fibroma one progressed off a great lesion prior to now detected because the pyogenic granuloma inside a good 50-year-dated woman.

Instance Speech

Good fifty-year-dated hypertensive girl is known the new Oral and you may Maxillofacial Functions and you may Traumatology outpatient medical center of Mato Grosso Cancers Medical, Cuiaba, Brazil, to possess therapy of good maxillary lesion, identified since the PG, as displayed by the histopathological study of a keen incisional biopsy performed before. The fresh tiny description contains good fragment of mucosa included in stratified hyperparakeratinized squamous epithelium, having areas of acanthosis and you will long forecasts, spongiosis, exocytosis, and you will ulceration. The fresh lamina propria try molded by the dense conjunctive tissue, having areas of intense cellularity and expansion regarding endothelial structure being indexed, which have beginning regarding vascular areas and you can aspects of intense chronic inflammatory infiltrate having hemorrhagic elements (Profile step one).

Contour 1: Histological picture of pyogenic granuloma exhibiting hyperparakeratinized stratified squamous epithelium, having areas of acanthosis and you can a lot of time forecasts.

Lamina propria shaped from the dense connective cells, noting areas of severe cellularity and growth away from endothelial muscle, having starting regarding vascular rooms and you will regions of serious chronic inflammatory infiltrate with hemorrhagic areas (Haemotoxylin and you may Eosin, 100x).

Medically, she shown an effective nodule over the buccal and palatal gingiva romantic left higher earliest molar, approximately step three cm inside diameter, having a flaccid body, purplish-red colorization, pedicled and you may hemorrhaging feet that have seven several years of evolution. In the advice, there was along with the analysis away from severe chronic periodontitis, observing, during the intraoral physical examination, terrible oral hygiene and you may general enamel freedom.