The personal data likely to be collected during registration on the Web Site is intended for the company, the controller

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The personal data likely to be collected during registration on the Web Site is intended for the company, the controller

This collection allows the creation of an account by the Member, prior to use of the Website and the possible subscription to a Membership. In the event where the Member refuses to fill in the information, they cannot then use the Web Site or optionally, subscribe to a membership.

The collected m.benaughty data is only intended for the company’s own internal use. Only the person acting under the company’s authority and on their instructions can access it.

Exceptionally, banking data is shared to service providers in charge of the management and collection of memberships. The Member expressly consents that his above-mentioned banking data be shared to said service providers and in the sole purpose specified above.

By another exception, the personal data collected during the registration process on the Web Site is susceptible to be disclosed to business partners only after the Member’s or Subscriber’s express consent and in order to facilitate their registration to additional Services.

This data shall be kept only for a period strictly related to the purpose of processing and at most two years from the Member’s last visit on the Web Site.

It is intended to be used to offer Members meetups that match their personality. Except for the Member’s email address which is mandatory data for registration, the Member has no obligation to provide further personal data, without effect on the contract.

It is strictly forbidden to retrieve, use or transmit personal data appearing on the Web Site to third parties, whatever the purpose.

It is also strictly forbidden to make contact in any way whatsoever or to send ‘’ mailings to current or previous Subscribers.

In accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions in effect on data protection, the Member has a right of access, correction, deletion and restriction of the personal data concerning them. The Member has a right to opposition, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of their personal data.

In addition, the Member has the right to share to the company their instructions on the fate of their data after his/her death.

Finally, the Member has the option to request their data be exported to a third party when he/she has consented to the collection of this data or when this data was collected as part of the performance of a contract.

All these rights can be exercised with Intelligent DataSoft LLC, , 1180 North Town Center Drive, Suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89144, USA by registered letter, attested by an acknowledgment of receipt.

In the event where the Member would have reason to believe that their personal data might have been used, they must notify the company without delay.

31.2.1 Cookies deposited by our Site

These cookies are linked to the operation of our Web Site. In the absence of some of these cookies, you might not be able to use our Site and all of its features correctly. Authentication cookies

Authentication cookies allow members to reconnect more easily. This cookie is deleted if the member logs off the site and they will have to re-enter their credentials to reconnect. For the security of the personal data of our members, no password or personal identifiers are visible in this cookie. Session cookies

Session cookies are cookies which permit access to the Members section of our Site after the member has been authenticated. These cookies are automatically deleted by the Member’s browser when the Member does not use the Site for more than an hour. These cookies can be first party or third party.